There are 5 pillars of the Global Awakening that we are experiencing right now. What I mean by this is that as I see it there are the five main areas in which we have to make significant changes as individuals and in our society so that we can move forwards and evolve towards global enlightenment, harmony, and unity as a race of more evolved and enlightened beings.

This is what Project Global Awakening is: a website and a project to identify and make these changes individually in our own lives, but also to come together collectively, one day, and make these changes together.

This is a change and a challenge that none of our ancestors have had to go through or take upon themselves. Thus at this unique point in history we are tasked with the responsibility of making these changes. We must shift ourselves to a global perspective and take on the responsibilities inherent in taking care of the world into our own lives. After many years of consideration, these are the 5 pillars of the global awakening as I see them now:

(Note: This list is currently in a developmental stage and I am writing complete articles on each of these pillars to better explain the importance, understanding, purpose, and vision behind each on, and most importantly in how they connect. Therefore I encourage you to revisit this section, especially once the articles on each are being posted because I will have honed the explanation and idea much more deeply.)

The 5 Pillars of the Global Awakening

  1. Spiritual Discipline and the Spiritual Development of Humanity: The global awakening that we are experiencing is spiritual in nature as a result of heightened energy-consciousness pervading our planet. Thus the spiritual cultivation of each individual is of absolute necessity, for it makes everything else possible. Leading towards allowing this new spiritual awareness to pervade our learning environments (and even curriculum), our creative works, our business, and interpersonal relationships between one another and with the environment as well. I do not have a spiritual philosophy nor do I peddle any. I will teach you how to direct experience the spiritual side of your being so that you can decide for yourself based off of personal personal experience, not what others have said about such matters.
  2. A New Educational System: What this pillar of change is all about is completely redesigning our educational system so that the purpose behind it is not to fill the heads of children with largely erroneous information that has almost negligible practical value, but rather to base our educational system and learning environment on the principle of freedom, and creating a space where each child and each individual can come to discover who they are, and learn to discover, develop, hone, and ultimately master the gifts and abilities and purpose they were born with. In essence, I seek to create a place (and places the world over) where people and especially children can come to learn and grow along their natural path, guided personally by the best, brightest, and wisest in each field and area of artistry or study.
  3. Transition to a Creativity Based Society and a Resource Based Economy: A creativity based society is the society that will naturally be the outgrowth of the change in educational system suggested above, integrated also with increase spiritual awareness through spiritual discipline. This society is one where every person contributes by doing what they are passionate about with skills, knowledge, abilities, and mastery they have cultivated over the years. The difference here is passion and purpose. Each person will be doing what they are passionate about and living in accordance with their life purpose, therefore regardless of whether or not money is involved, they would still be doing what they do because it is what they love to do and they will be appreciated for it because of what they contribute. In essence, a world where the best within each individual is harness naturally to its fullest potential, and together we support and provide for one another by doing nothing other than what we love.
  4. Environmental Consciousness and Integration: This pillar is really about learning to integrate with our environment, with the Earth, instead of dominating and imposing ourselves on her like a cancer which is literally leading to the eventual demise of the human population or the Earth, whichever comes first. This is the harsh reality and it has been for nearly forty years such leading environmental scientists all signed a petition agreeing this was the reality we all face. This pillar of environmental consciousness and integration is multi-faceted, and it incorporates elements such as rethinking how we live on planet Earth: rethinking how we build our cities; rethinking how we build our homes; rethinking how we provide food for ourselves; and even rethinking what we eat and learning how to make our homes and our lives self-sustainable. All of these factors and more come together and culminate ultimately leading towards rediscovering our place within the natural order so we can find balance once again and restore the planetary equilibrium that we have so ignorantly destroyed.
  5. Truthful Knowledge: This pillar is about truth. Learning how to discern what is and what isn’t in the world, and getting rid of all erroneous beliefs and knowledge that are incorrect and detrimental to human awareness. There are two aspects to this:
    • Developing a Core Framework of Essential Knowledge: This is what the Research Journal section of Project Global Awakening will be about (which is coming soon). Essentially isolating the foundation of knowledge within the endless torrent of information that we are flooded with in this modern age, which accurately describes: the nature of reality; where humanity came from; what we are; a more accurate version of human history; and more. So that we can, for the first time as a global community, know exactly where we stand as beings of the universe and where we came from, so we can move forwards in a manner befitting our glorious nature and potential.
    • An Enlightened Media: The media that we see today is a blatant and destructive manipulation of human consciousness showing only one single version of the global reality for the nefarious purpose of propagating war, famine, disease, violence, and the subjugation of humans. This is the reality. Our media today is manipulating you. And through it you will not find truth, but rather the version of events that keeps humanity asleep and in fear. This second aspect to the truthful knowledge pillar is about developing an enlightened media that gives the whole picture on world events, placing the worlds attention on the best of humanity, while at the same time placing our attention on the atrocities of the world in a light of actually seeking to solve these issues. Instead of creating fear, we will foster home, and positive, productive action to actually solve the problems that we face.

When you support Project Global Awakening, this is the vision that you are supporting. And this website is my one and only website, and it will be where I record all of the knowledge that I gather, and all of the results that I have achieved over time. And one day I hope it will be a place to record and celebrate all of the results that we have achieved together.

At present it is a solitary journey for me. But with these words I hope to plant the seeds of change within your mind and within your heart so that you will grow these same principles in your own way, in your own life, wherever you are in the world.

Wherever you are in the world is where you need to be. I believe that much of the time there is no reason for us to emigrate from difficult places to ones that seem brighter. If your life is literally threatened then by all means, leave. By all means travel the world, and find a beautiful place you want to live. But otherwise I believe that we should take our tiny corner of the world and cultivate it to be beautiful, and thus make it our own personal paradise. One which is ideally self-sustaining. And I will show you how to do that. Starting with your mind, your habits, and your spiritual discipline and moving on from there.

I will give you some knowledge that is theoretical and relatively unactionable to change how you see the world, reality, and yourself. But mostly I prefer practical instruction: information and ideas that are actionable, because learning by doing is the best and most enjoyable way to learn. Because if you can’t actually do something and see some actual results from your efforts, what is the point of learning it?

I will teach you how to do and how to act in a different way that will change your life completely, as a result of rediscovering who you are and the music within you that has been dying to be expressed. For it is precisely this inner music that has been wreaking havoc within you and in your life because you have been repressing it. Not necessarily consciously, but because of the worldview and habits you have learned over time. Not that you nor I are in any way free from responsibility however. So let us change that. Because I want to hear you sing. I want to hear your music. In whatever medium you prefer.