There is an awakening occurring on our planet today. A clear evolution of human beings which should be obvious given the exponential explosion of our scientific and technological development, along with the sheer quantity of information being discovered, published, and necessarily processed by modern Man on a daily basis. This is a trend only continuing to increase at a rate that remains astounding as it is unprecedented in recorded history. All of these elements have together produced a dramatic shift in our collective society and culture thrusting us into a new world. A world abundant with opportunity and largely unknown potential, which is also intimately connected in a way that would be unimaginable to our ancestors of even a century ago. We are becoming a truly global culture for the first time in our history, which has proven to require of us consistent adaptation and learning.

Yet there is one element of this shift which is more important and fundamental than all others, which has nevertheless been largely neglected. Technology, science, and modern society are the products and inventions of human beings. And in order to conceive of these inventions and apply them to the world, there had to have first been an inner shift, a shift in consciousness and awareness, which made all of this possible.

This shift in consciousness is also a spiritual shift, better called a spiritual awakening perhaps, because spirit and consciousness are one and the same thing. All great inventions and revolutions have been the result of a shift in consciousness – a shift in understanding, perception, and experience – which resulted in a new ways of thinking about and understanding our world, and also new inventions which lead us to also act and interact with our world in new ways. Part of this is due to the gradual accumulation and refinement of knowledge, thanks in large part to the scientific process which has revolutionized our understanding of nature and our world in general. However, when changes do come, when revolutions come to science or to civilization, while they may have been built upon a gradual trend, they are the result of a relatively sudden shift in consciousness and perception.

To neglect the factor of human change and transformation as the source of these changes we have been experiencing is to neglect the single greatest driving force of this global shift and awakening.

A Necessary Shift in Worldview

This shift is occurring within each one of us. It is a shift, an evolution, an awakening of consciousness, yet it also seems to be a planetary and cosmological phenomenon. Whatever the case may be, what is important is that it is our actions which directly influence the degree to which this shift affects us and how it does so. Thus at least in part our evolution is up to us. Whether we change, grow, and awaken is the responsibility of the individual. So much of personal transformation lies in the shift of our attention, and there is so much new information which in and of itself requires a radical shift in perspective and worldview, which is what I am working on understanding, developing, integrating, and elucidating with this website.

The purpose of Project Global Awakening is:

To provide the necessary knowledge, practices, and ideas to help us each change how we see and experience the world and reality, so that we can change how we live and realize our deepest potential spiritually, creatively, and intellectually in our lives. In short, my purpose in writing is to help humanity evolve.

I do not mean evolution in the biological sense, but the spiritual. In terms of the levels of awareness we can live at and strive towards. But I wouldn’t be suprised if this results in an eventual shift in our biology as well. What I mean by a spiritual evolution is an increase in the frequency of our energy and an awakening to higher levels of consciousness-awareness, while also being able to sustain those higher levels of awareness. This constitutes a dramatic shift in how we think, how we feel, how we act, what we do with our time, what we spend our time focused upon, along with the level at which we can create and the caliber of our lives. It even effects directly the degree to which we realize our talents and abilities (especially if we choose to hone them and develop them) which results in a change in how we experience the world, the world that we perceive and live in, and the life which we create for ourselves.

Elements of each one of these things and more need to change for each individual, because we all have room to grow. But not even for any environmental, moral, social or spiritual reason in and of itself (although there are many powerful and important reasons within each of those categories). The reason why I believe that each one of us needs to change how we live and how we are in some form or another is due to the simple fact that the perceptual potential and levels of consciousness available to each one of us are staggering. They are infinitely above and beyond the ordinary levels of awareness that we have been conditioned to habitually operate from, and which we have thus far believed to be possible.

Simply put, we have only just begun to test and explore the limits, potential, nature, and power that is consciousness. Moreover, we have only just begun to fathom what we are. There is such marvelous mystery and knowledge contained within states of higher consciousness, ecstatic states of creativity and power and awareness that we are each capable of experiencing which can, will, and do transform all of the erroneous things about ourselves towards a greater universal alignment, and spiritual awakening to who we really are.

In other words, these states of consciousness directly instruct and educate us on the deepest nature of reality and ourselves. Which, if tempered and gradually understood by scientific inquiry (which is at its foundation little else but the capacity to think clearly with logic and reason, to deduce from evidence and experience what is not explicitly evident) then we can personally induce radical change in our own experience, and in our collective (scientific and spiritual) understanding of nature, ourselves, and reality. We cannot have either a logical mind or developed spiritual awareness. I believe that we must hone both to the limits of what we are capable of in this lifetime – developing scientific precision in our spiritual awareness, spiritual awareness of our scientific knowledge, or both – because one without the other is imbalanced. However, the balance will be different for each one of us, incorporating a multitude of other factors and qualities as well.

It is time that we take this next step as a species. The information is arriving, and we are beginning to awaken to this new potential within. We are also beginning to ask the right questions, which means that we are ready for the answers. More than that, our knowledge and understanding of the scientific and spiritual underpinnings of nature, reality, and the universe at large is higher than it has ever been before. Except for the fact that science and spirituality are still unnecessarily at odds with one another, yet we are already beginning to understand science spiritually and spirit scientifically, and this is precisely what we must do on a far deeper level of integration in order to advance as a species, which is one of the main themes and focuses of Project Global Awakening.

The problem that we face as a species isn’t that humans are destroying the world with our exponential population growth and the material needs demanded by our culture, because I do not really believe this is our fault. It is now our responsibility, but never our fault, because it has been the mostly unexpected result of the stage we have grown to culturally, and evolutionary. You cannot get mad at a child for not being able to solve a math problem which they haven’t learned the formulas or theories for. Therefore to get self-righteous about a developing species not yet solving the problems which they have stumbled unwittingly into is not an intelligent or wise response. Nor is it productive.

We are all in new territory here, and our global concerns are but the symptoms of disease, but not the cause of the affliction which plagues humanity. The real problem is in how each one of us lives. We – all of us together or not at all – are out of tune with ourselves, with nature, and with reality as a whole. In short, we need to find the solutions that work for all people, which means that we need to change how we look at the problems, and the facts and theories upon which our worldview is founded. Can we with complete certainty say that we have understood everything about our world correctly? Of course not. Can we say that our facts are certain and that our understanding is better than it used to be? Yes to a degree, and without question, respectively. But can we say we have interpreted all of those facts correctly within the context of the whole worldview which we have a arrived at? Once again, of course we cannot. Thus I believe it is our absolute responsibility and honorable imperative to continually analyze and question what we think we know, so that we can make the adjustments in our knowledge, our worldview, and our theories to continually improve our understanding of what is true. And to continually do the same within ourselves as well so that we may evolve towards our highest potential.

We seem to have become far too certain of what we think we know, because if history can tell us anything, it is that revolutions of science and understanding have occurred every single time we are certain of something. And that the transitions are usually resisted vociferously by those of the old paradigm who are entrenched in their beliefs, completely and utterly resistant to any alterations to their absolute worldview, regardless of the facts. What this means is that the majority of people today – laymen, scholars, and scientist alike – will have their understanding of the world proven incorrect in the future, in many small ways, but certainly in some radical, enormous, and fundamental ways as well. Ask the majority of physicists before Einstein who had not even conceived of the radical shift in understanding of the nature of reality before it was upon them. Or the majority of historians who thought Homer’s Iliad was a myth before Troy was discovered. Or all Christians before a more accurate geological time-frame for the Earth was arrived at. Or the disbelieving masses before the Wright brothers invented the first airplane.

All 4 of those major upheavals in science, technology, and understanding are only around a century from where we are now. Can we really be so close-minded and ignorant as to assume that we are that much further along in our understanding in the greater scheme of things? After only a century within a few hundred thousand years of homo sapiens being in existence? Within the greater context of potential millions of years of further evolution within an infinite and fundamentally unknown universe?

Well, that remains to be seen.

Paradigm shifts are a fundamental lesson of history, and one is underway now. One which is absolutely required for the evolution, and perhaps survival, of our species, our planet, and all other species to whom she is home.

Embracing Change & Moving Forwards

With love, honor, and respect for every living things in the universe, separation ceases, and we all become one being, singing one song. – Prince

We are truly at a turning point in our planetary evolution and our human development and evolution. We are now faced with questions and challenges the likes of which none of our ancestors in recorded history have had to face. Certainly our ancestors had to face and overcome challenges of their own, which were probably just as dramatic from their viewpoint then as ours are from now, which they overcame in order to get us into this position evolutionary and culturally speaking for us to take this next step. For our culture is truly a global culture due to the dramatic advance in our communications, propulsion, and transportation technology which has connected all peoples on all parts of the world together like never before. However, all of those changes are the result of the even more dramatic shift in our own human intelligence, understanding, knowledge, and awareness (both objectively and spiritually speaking). Now, whether we use that connection or not, and how we use that connection is another matter entirely.

With these words, ideas, practices, and disciplines contained within Project Global Awakening I hope to plant the seeds of change within your mind and within your heart so that you can embrace your highest potential. Giving you at least some of the knowledge, tools, and hopefully a degree of guidance and direction so that we may together step into a world that is beyond everything we could have imagined.

If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that you cannot know anything until you have experienced it. All of my concepts and ideas of what was true and possible from even just two years ago, for myself, for my own perception, levels of consciousness, and emotion, of what I thought I knew, have all been shattered utterly by my own experience and growth along my own path. Thus I know that the same is true for each of us.

This shift is not something that is happening ‘out there’. It is happening within each one of us. And if we can apply these fundamental changes to ourselves, we can transform dramatically by becoming and awakening to ourselves as people and beings we never would have imagined ourselves to be. I would close on the words of an ancient Indian Scholar-Sage, whose words most accurately describe this new world and potential that I hope to both understand and further experience, while at the same time aiding you to do the same.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” – Patanjali