About Project Global Awakening

The purpose and vision of Project Global Awakening is to create an encyclopedia of Knowledge for the New Paradigm wherein we will comprehensively cover the fundamental subjects and topics upon which a new worldview can be founded.

This change from my first rendition and approach to this project is towards providing a thorough study of each of the fundamental subjects, as opposed to articles that only touch on the meaning of certain pieces of a subject, yet which are not elucidated within the greater context, and upon the deep foundation, of the subjects discussed. I have found that at least a degree of understanding of the discipline itself is essential in order to grasp the true impact and importance of the latest developments in our knowledge, and for a more deep and intuitive understanding of exactly why a shift in our perception and worldview is necessary.

I consider Project Global Awakening to be a growing encyclopedia of essential knowledge. While I may not cover topics in a linear fashion from the beginning, they will be organized as such over time. It was a long time before it dawned on me that my own understanding is born from a long process of training, growth, and study which lead me gradually to conclusions that cannot be made without a certain requisite understanding. It is all knowledge together which coalesces into deep understanding and awareness, which is something that must be developed in time. And it is this comprehensiveness which will be reflected in the new Project Global Awakening.

This site will become this foundation of knowledge in time, not so that I may convince you of anything or so that you will believe what I am saying, but so that you may become informed on these subjects in order to arrive at your own conclusions, and ultimately your own worldview, independently. Born of deep knowledge and experience of who you, the subjects at hand, and from genuine thought and consideration. In the end, your conclusion may agree or disagree with those that I have arrived at because they must inevitably reflect my own nature, perception, and experiences. As yours will reflect your own.

Yet while our opinions may vary, there is an essentially singular nature to what is true and what is not. And it is for this reason that I study, write, and create this website. To bring clarity, coherence, and light to our understanding and perception. Agreement or disagreement does not concern me, so long as a conclusion has been drawn from a perspective informed of what is true, and what is not. Instead of erroneous conclusions born out of ignorance, as is too often the case. For much of what we think we know and believe is second-hand in nature, not derived from investigation and experience. And a part of the solution to this is knowledge and an open-mind. As the archetypal Renaissance Man put it:

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

The world, life, and reality is not what we thought it was. And I intend to explore this mystery through these writings, together, with you.

The Main Focuses :: Knowledge for the New Paradigm

After long consideration of what the crucial knowledge that is the foundation of this global shift and new worldview actually is, I have gradually refined this essential body of knowledge into a set of core subjects which we will study comprehensively in time.

This list is not yet complete, as it reflects only what I am in a position to speak about at this time. There will be additions in the future, but at this time the subjects that we will cover on Project Global Awakening are as follows:

  • Spiritual Writings & Theory of Spiritual Evolution: In this section my writing will focus on important concepts and principles of psychology, character and attitude along the spiritual path. You may consider this as a description, and in some ways as a theory, of spiritual awakening or evolution based on my experience, understanding, and practice. However these writings cannot in any way replace or replicate genuine spiritual experience and knowledge cultivated directly from your own spiritual practice. They are merely insights along the path, which may be useful as a guide as I attempt an impersonal description of these experiences, how to achieve them, and important concepts and ‘qualities of character and attitude’ which have personally helped me to overcome the numerous pitfalls that I have come across and fallen into – more times than I care to admit in some cases – along my own path of spiritual awakening thus far. These writings are what I have seen and experienced, and how I see, through the process of deliberate spiritual awakening.
  • Physics: Here I will attempt to take you through an essential understanding of our world, reality, and the universe from the perspective of our modern sciences of physics and astronomy, in a way that is accessible to everyone – and hopefully a genuinely enjoyable and interesting read. This is important because it is through this understanding of physics that we will one day also be able understand Spirit and Consciousness as a fundamental dynamic of reality, illustrating the true majesty and brilliance of our universe. At least as far as the mind and science itself can go, that is, which is limited by nature. This intellectual understanding is for those who are so inclined. Yet, once again, in no way can this replace genuine spiritual knowledge and experience through spiritual discipline. However, this knowledge is fundamental knowledge because it vastly changes our worldview.
  • History: In this section we will visit the earliest times of history and prehistory in order to come to know our ancient ancestors, our progenitors. We will travel across time and throughout the world, exploring relevant knowledge of the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Indus Valley Civilization, among others – who they were, and what they believed. For I can assure you that through a study of our past, a fundamentally different picture emerges of who our ancestors actually where, and where we all came from. It is a far more fascinating, mysterious, and powerful story than much of what is commonly believed.
  • Spiritual Discipline: The difference between spiritual writing and spiritual discipline, is that spiritual writing is an attempt at a description of some of the processes, experiences, results, and necessary shifts along the path of awakening. Whereas to engage in spiritual discipline and practice is to awaken. My spiritual writings are but a guide along this path. But that writing is really only there to guide you to the path, which more than anything we each need to walk ourselves. Here we will cover not only theory about spiritual disciplines such as Meditation, Yoga, Energy Arts, and Taijichuan (among the core that I am interested in and working on right now), but instruction in these practices as well. Spiritual discipline is essential for anyone who desires to know Spirit, raise their level of energy-consciousness, and wake up.
  • Energetic Anatomy: Here we will cultivate an understanding of the Human Energy Field and the Chakra system, as it relates to life, consciousness and spirit, health, mind and memory, and to the highest expression of each individual. It is this information that is essential for us in order to understand what is occurring along the path of spiritual awakening, how spiritual practices and disciplines affect us, what they do specifically, and most importantly, what we are. This field also ties in our understanding of science, with the science and experience of our energetic anatomy, so that we can understand Spirit in these terms as well, to a degree at least.

This is what the description of Project Global Awakening as ‘Knowledge for the New Paradigm’ means to me. For I believe that the above subjects are a large part of the core of knowledge that defines the paradigm shift that we are experiencing. And for each of us to develop a deep familiarity with at least the basic tenets of this new worldview is not only what will enable each and every one of us to grow towards a full understanding of who and what we are, but will also help us realize that potential. More importantly, this knowledge is an essential element of awakening into the fullness of reality.

It is this knowledge which I believe will help each and every one of us together – in unity and also in our own unique ways – to change the world, simply by redefining how we understand it, how we live, and how we relate to and interact with one another, and with nature. Thereby fixing the problems that we face as a global culture, healing ourselves and our planet, and creating a world of peace, freedom, love, understanding, and unimaginable power intrinsic to the nature and potential of our species.

All of these topics are what we will cover in time, for I can only write one article at a time. All of this information I will give to you for free, at the highest quality I can give to you, which I will always seek to improve upon. The beginning steps will be rocky, but that is so with any new beginning. This is my intention for Project Global Awakening.

A Commitment to Truth and Accuracy

Firstly, this work is a work in progress. As it always will be to me, because I am always learning. And I always will be as there is an infinite potential for growth and development, both of knowledge and of spiritual awareness. As such there will certainly be revisions that must be made along the way, as part of the natural evolution of knowledge and understanding.

As with any work, it is impossible for it to be completely devoid of error. This is especially true when we push the limits of knowledge, seeking to know and understand what is presently unknown. Therefore I will not claim perfection nor total accuracy in this work. That would not be reasonable. Least of all due to the fact that all knowledge, whether scientific or spiritual, is always changing as we discover and learn what we did not know before. That is how all progress is made. I seek only to amalgamate, refine, and improve upon our current body of knowledge which is the foundation of our worldview. And there are revision that must be made.

What I will say is that my first priority and my greatest commitment is to the truth, which I require of myself to uphold completely. As such I will seek to minimize the total percentage of error within the work to acceptable levels given what we know thus far. There is nothing more distasteful to me than the prospect of proclaiming, believing in, and living by ideas and worldviews that are not true. Which is one reason I don’t believe anything with complete conviction, unless I can experience it and demonstrate clearly that a thing is accurate or not. Therefore I will revise any inaccuracy as soon as new information presents itself. For I will never go against the facts themselves – those from science, history, or direct spiritual experience. Yet I will occasionally disagree with how they are interpreted.

You don’t know what you don’t know. – Elon Musk

All knowledge is imperfect because we do not know what we do not know. And unless we realize that there are limitations to what we each know as individuals, and what we think we are certain about and know collectively, we will never be able to actually move past those misconceived ideas and opinions, towards truth.

We today consider certain facts and theories as being obvious, which our ancestors of even 300 years ago would largely consider as being ludicrous or insane. Yet a lesson from history is that as time progresses, knowledge evolves. And in the same way that we look back at the beliefs of our ancestors and can see clearly the faults and limitations in their understanding, it is as close to certain as it is possible to be that future generations 500 years from now will look back to us with the same eye. This is something I believe is important to take into consideration, because it is the first step that loosens the stranglehold of our immutable, yet erroneous, beliefs leading us to a more open mind and clearer perception, which is necessary to see things as they are.

All that we know, do, and learn is a process. A process that requires change, growth and development, refinement, creative and innovative thinking, and calculated leaps. That is as true today in respect to how we view the world, as it was for our ancestors. That I am committed to the truth, and that I will rectify any inaccuracy along the way, is really all I can say. I do not care what ‘the truth’ turns out to be. I just want to know it for myself. Nothing more, nothing less.

A Note on the Meaning of Words and Depth

What took me a long time to realize is that when human beings use words to communicate with one another – to describe emotions, thoughts, ideas, things and experiences (which essentially describes everything that we can use language for, therefore the whole function and purpose of language itself) – we all use words differently. What I mean is that when I use any word, that word has a specific meaning that is drawn from my own personal experiences which it is related to. This is true for every individual.

For example, if I were to think of and use the word bicycle, I am thinking of it as an idea containing a range of bicycles, all of which I have either seen or owned. And yet when you use the word bicycle, you will be drawing from different ideas from your own experience. Thus if I were to draw a bicycle, and you were to draw a bicycle, our images would probably disagree with what it specifically looks like. However, in this simple case the result is inconsequential because the meaning of the word bicycle is generally clear.

However, this discrepancy between the meaning of words when dealing with more abstract, personal, and experiential concepts and ideas is correspondingly larger. For example, when I say ‘higher consciousness’, or ‘expanded states of awareness’, or ‘spirit’, I use these words in an attempt to describe a very specific personal experience, which is fundamentally indescribable. Thus miscommunication and misunderstanding is far more likely. Comparable to if I were to describe the Mona Lisa to 10 different artists independently, each would most likely sketch something completely different. And it is most probable that none would come close to Leonardo’s original assuming none of the artists had actually seen the work.

Now the reason why this is important to understand is because after I realized all of this, I realized also that the conclusions that I have drawn and the ideas and concepts I talk about are based primarily on my own research and understanding of the subject (in the case of scientific and historical disciplines), and based on my own experiences (in the case of spiritual and personal growth topics) which is knowledge derived and deduced from my own spiritual practice and development.

As such, in the case of my spiritual writings it must be understood that I am attempting to use words in ways in which their function is supremely limited. Therefore, it must also be understood that comprehension cannot be arrived at through thinking alone. Spiritual practice and experience is the only avenue where understanding and true knowledge can be arrived at in this regard. And it is only with spiritual practice that an individual will come to understand what I am attempting to describe, because they have already had similar or comparable spiritual experiences. Unless of course that individual is already spiritually aware, then we can understand one another. Or if they are more spiritually aware than I am, then they could identify my own shortcomings which I have not realized as of yet.

Likewise, I also realized that scientific or historically based conclusions, theories, ideas and, in general, writings, can only be understood deeply if an individual has a reasonable grasp of the body of knowledge derived from fact and experiment upon which these disciplines are founded. It was for this reason that I have completely changed my approach to Project Global Awakening as a place where that knowledge can actually be learned and mastered. Interestingly, my intention for it has been the same since its inception around late 2011. Yet it has taken me this long to figure out and learn how to realize that intention in practice. Which only required learning and development on my part.

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