Understanding The Ego

When I refer to the “ego”, I am not referring to the personality of an individual, nor to the definition of ego as meaning self-importance, self-esteem, vanity, or being self-centered. I use this term to refer specifically to a complex within each one of us where intense emotions and beliefs pressure us mentally and emotionally […]

Change Your Life By Changing Yourself

What does it mean to change your life? The way that I have come to understand this process is that it is based first and foremost on personal growth. As such it is a perpetual process that exists at all stages of development because we will always have ways in which we need to grow, […]

Cultivate A Narrow Focus To Achieve More

This idea of cultivating a narrow focus is one part of a philosophy, practice, and process of living that enables us to always move forwards powerfully in life. While at the same time being able to fully leave the past in the past because we have done what we have desired to do, fulfilled our […]

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