How Far Does The Moon Travel In One Day? (Technical :: Beginner)

How far does the Moon travel in one day? This question can be interpreted in two different ways. We could either be referring to: (1) How far does the Moon appear to travel in the sky each day from a perspective on Earth? Say for example that we decide to mark the Moon’s position within […]

Moon Phases :: Earth, Sun, and Moon Geometry

The Moon is not a light-generating body, meaning that she doesn’t actually produce any of her own light. All of the light that the Moon appears to illuminate our sky with, which we call moonlight, isn’t actually moonlight at all, but sunlight reflected off the lunar surface that is 450,000 times less intense than direct […]

Kinematics :: Fundamental Concepts For Describing Motion

Describing motion and the study of motion was born of the investigation of how objects (also called bodies) move. It is¬†essentially a conceptual way of looking at the objects of the Universe, from stars, to grains of sand, from planets to airplanes, trains, people, soaring birds and arcing basketballs. The laws which govern the motion […]

Eratosthenes Measurement of the Radius and Circumference of the Earth

[This article needs to be edited, which I shall get to eventually, as soon as I can!] The radius and circumference of the Earth were first measured in around 200 BCE by a man named Eratosthenes (276 BC – 194 BCE). A¬†true polymath, Eratosthenes was an astronomer, mathematician, poet, and inventor, to name but a […]

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