If you are considering donating to Project Global Awakening, first of all let me say thank you. Thank you. I am deeply grateful and I genuinely appreciate your contribution because you enable me to continue doing this work that is so meaningful to me, on an ever greater platform.

The amount of your donation is not as important to me as the thought and the intention behind your generosity, and the fact that you are here, reading this work, and considering showing your support at all. So again, thank you.

However, I would also like you to understand something and really take it to heart before you continue:

I do not write for money.

I didn’t create this website to earn money, nor do I research for money, nor do I write for money, nor do I play music for money. In fact, I don’t do anything that I do for money, because money is nothing but a system of assigning value to things in a single unit of measurement for purchasing and trading purposes. It has no inherent value. Therefore it has no intrinsic importance to me in my life, and it certainly isn’t a factor in what I choose to do with my time.

My reason for creating Project Global Awakening is as an expression of all that I am. But I am also doing this for you, for the world, for future generations, and for its own sake. For much of the knowledge and ideas contained within these writings is important and relevant for all people, and crucial for understanding truth – of ourselves, nature, and reality – so that we can see clearly to realize our full potential and become who we are meant to be, individually and collectively, and so choose a different path together towards a radically different world. This work is not monetarily motivated, but rather spiritually inspired. When I dip into higher consciousness, and as I continue to cultivate my awareness and myself spiritually, this is how I am inspired to spend my time. It is literally that simple. Though not easy. Rarely ever is it easy.

I do believe that I deserve to earn an income from this work, and that there is some value to this work. Which is a belief that I have not always possessed. Also I believe that it is fair and absolutely appropriate for us each to figure out how to earn a living doing what we love to do, in this world driven in some ways by money. For money is after all how we meet our basic needs, which also gives us the freedom and the option to do what we desire to do. But how we spend our time and energy is the most important consideration for each individual, and earning money in and of itself is empty because it has no intrinsic value. Thus to spend time ‘earning money’ is devoid of any meaning for the individual. With this being the case, designing a system and a lifestyle that incorporates all that we are, which is at its core founded in our own personal freedom and liberated self-expression, while at the same time earning us financial wealth, is of the utmost importance for each of us. And it is no easy feat. For me, monetary wealth is but an afterthought. A byproduct of a system I have designed, where I do not have to think about it.

So donate if you want to, and for no other reason. I will not ask you to donate, because I don’t want to ask. But I will give you the choice to. A choice which you are completely free to make with no pressures of any kind. I am giving away everything for free anyways, so nothing will change. You will not gain or lose anything from me depending on whether you choose to donate or not, because my work is unconditional.

Personally I choose not to concern myself with monetary matters. The just do not interest me in the slightest. I will not allow ads on this site, nor will I actively sell anything. All financial wealth and attention will be garnered by the merit of this work, and the conscious generosity of its readers. And I will take no part in that transaction, other than to spend my time researching, writing, creating, and giving it all away for free.

My sense of responsibility to you and to this work is in no way dictated by money. I do not – and will never – feel a sense of responsibility to you because you donate to this work. I feel a sense of responsibility to you as a human being in order to assist your learning, growth, and awakening in any way I can. I also feel a sense of responsibility to myself and to truth, subjective and objective, because this is the work that it is in my nature to do, and I will never under any circumstance sacrifice the integrity of the expression of the truth of who I am. Lastly, I feel a sense of responsibility to the world because this is my home planet. We are all together on this Earth, and thus all life and people are our responsibility. It is baffling to me that this isn’t self-evident to everyone. I am not pleased by what is going on in the world. But all we have to do is remember, and consciously choose to express the best of human nature and potential instead. In our own, unique way. How could money possibly come anywhere close to being a reason to act when we have actual, serious and meaningful concerns, causes and missions to guide our actions and fire our passion, which we are directly responsible for?

That is why I do this. These reasons are infinitely more compelling to me than money can be. And know that if you choose to support this work financially, that is what you are contributing to. To me money is (and should be) no more than something that happens spontaneously as a result of doing what it is in your nature to do, a concern which slips into the background and is forgotten about each day as you do the work that you are inspired to. This is the monetary philosophy I adhere to, which I also believe we will all transition to in our own lives as we get our priorities straight and remember who we are and the right reasons for acting and living.

To you I extend my thanks, my love, my respect, and the best of what I have to offer, unconditionally. I cannot be bought or sold, enticed by financial reward, nor do I desire or require recognition, agreement, or validation. Yet I would not be so foolish to say that I do not require your assistance and support. For it is because of you that I do this, and it is because of you that I can continue to do this. If people didn’t need to hear this, I would just keep it to myself. Thank you.

Donation Options

I currently only accept donations through Patreon, where you can pledge to donate an amount of your choice on a per article basis. The only articles that you will donate towards are general articles found on the Articles page. This is because these works are written for everybody, and they are knowledge and awareness which I feel is relevant for most people, if not all.

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(Note: Nothing in The Research Journal will be included because these articles are part of an encyclopedia of knowledge, pure knowledge of key subjects, which therefore must be free. Moreover, they are not for everyone, nor are they what I consider to be my own creative work.)

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