On the Organization and Best Use of PGA

The way that I intend this website to be used is as a thing to be studied, for it is in the process of becoming the single source for comprehensive knowledge and understanding of an extensive array of essential knowledge for the new paradigm.

Due to the fact that my research is multidisciplinary, genuine depth and comprehensiveness will come in time. I write on many subjects, and I do not choose or plan out what I will be writing about next. I simply work on what I am inspired to write about and what I am passionately interested in, studying, or practicing at the time. When tending to a garden, you only pick the fruits or vegetables that are ripe and ready to be picked. The true task is in creating fertile conditions for a garden to grow with vitality, abundance, and as an interconnected explosion of life in a diverse ecosystem. Other than that, your garden is on its own natural schedule.

I treat my work, my creations, and the cultivation of knowledge in the same way. All of my effort is geared towards balancing and expressing myself in the way that is in alignment with my highest nature, as the deepest embodiment of who I am. Therefore I do not work in a ‘linear’ fashion, but guided by insight and intuition, passion, curiosity, and inspiration. As a result, this site will seem almost random if viewed from the chronological archive alone. Yet I am extremely determined and focused – which means I will always finish what I set my mind onto. So in the long-term, depth and comprehensiveness will be achieved in all that I choose to study. This website is but a reflection of all that I am, all of my creations and self-expression, of which writing is just a part – and as of this moment the only part I have shown thus far. But that will change in the near future…

Table of Contents

One major flaw that I have come across in online writing, and in my own experience writing online, is a lack of progressive organization. I feel that part of this is due to the type of content, i.e. related to current events or opinion based information. But that is not the kind of writing that I do. Sure there are chronological archives, categories, tags and such. But even with those the material is not necessarily linear, as such it is not easy to learn a subject comprehensively and in a relatively linear fashion unless you already know exactly what you are looking for. And in my experience, learning is about discovery, so by that very nature we do not know.

As such, I have chosen to organize this work as if it where a collection of textbooks on each given subject from the Table of Contents. This means that the majority of articles I write will be organized progressively through a subject so that you may study a topic comprehensively and in a linear fashion – if you so choose – yet with many tangents and levels of sophistication available through links within the articles. All new material will be fitted into this table of contents, and through the table of contents I will also eventually fill in the gaps, deepening and expanding.

This site is an encyclopedia of knowledge that is growing and developing organically over time like a living thing. Because that is what it is to me, and that is how I experience and approach knowledge in general. Knowledge is fluid and formless, it is not something we can grasp. It is a process more than anything else. It evolves and changes as it grows, both deepening and expanding. And corrections will be made along the way as well, so for that reason I encourage you to come back to ideas that you are interested in as necessary. I will notify you when updates are made of course.

The Research Journal, Research Articles & General Articles

There are two types of writing on this site, not classified by subject(s), but by the nature of the writing itself: research articles and general articles. As I stated in About Project Global Awakening, I am creating this website as a comprehensive encyclopedia of knowledge for the new paradigm – all of the essential knowledge upon which a drastically new worldview is founded. On the one hand, I am writing for everybody – the general public, lay people, non-specialists, or beginners in a subject (as we all are every time we start something new in our lives).

I am absolutely certain that every topic that I write about, whether it be physics, astronomy, aspects of history or spiritual matters, that each of these can be understood by anybody. I do not mean that everyone has to or can understand advanced mathematics for example. That is not what I am saying. Math, like anything else, is irrelevant unless you use it to express yourself. I simply mean that the core principles and concepts of any discipline can be understood by anybody. And also that it is important that they are widely understood as well.

There is a great deal of knowledge that is so powerful, and so important for our worldview and understanding of reality, that all people should be familiar with. Everyone can understand these ideas, because anything can be comprehended if it is explained properly. But also because we can intuitively feel and sense the truth in these ideas. I have found that the gradual internal transformation of deeply understanding these new ideas profoundly changes everything about us, our lives, and how we live. I have personally been gradually stepping into a world that is beyond my wildest expectations, a little bit more every day. The change feels gradual and organic to me in the moment (but also with extreme suddenness and rapidity on occasion), yet when I look back to who I used to be 1, 2, 8 years ago, the change is startling. It fills me with an indescribable feeling of power, beauty, love, joy, and wonder. And I desire that for everyone else more deeply than I can say. It is for this reason that I write about this knowledge and these ideas, and why I have created Project Global Awakening.

Therefore every subject I cover, I will do so in a fashion where we broadly cover all of the relevant subjects with the essential concepts and principles in a way that everyone can understand, through an easy discussion of the most interesting pieces of the puzzles, and the conclusions of the work so that anyone can become familiar with these ideas and so understand what they mean for our understanding of reality, ourselves, and how it actually affects what we know and who we are. In other words, so that we can understand why these ideas are actually important, what they actually mean. These ‘general’ articles can be found in the Articles section and in the Table of Contents. These are the main articles of this website because they are for everyone.

Research articles on the other hand cover the subject and topic with far more depth and sophistication. As such they are not necessarily for everyone, but for those who desire a thorough technical understanding of the subject in question.

These research articles will contain technical information organized progressively from beginner to advanced topics and understanding so that you can learn it being a complete novice to mastery, or to whatever level you desire. These articles can be found organized in The Research Journal, which is a separate table of contents for this technical writing. It is also an ongoing log of my own research, and ultimately (one day) a comprehensive investigation of all the facts and concepts, theories and evidence, of each of the subjects we talk about. General articles are creative and expressive, whereas these research articles are the encyclopedia. These will be mostly composed of physics, mathematics, historical and other scientific writings. In the case of physics writing, for example, I will include all of the math in detail, holding nothing back, for those who actually wish to learn the math.

This is the direction of my own research and proclivity towards a deep technical understanding simply because I intend to actually use this knowledge, which is the only reason why I find it to be deeply important to me. If I wasn’t going to use it, I would disregard it completely. (Which I have done in the past, and I can honestly say that it made no difference to my overall understanding. However, I have begun to grow on a new path as a result of accepting a long neglected (and feared) part of who I am, and this is a part of it. So now it is relevant and important to me. It is as simple as that).

Thus I would like to give you the opportunity to learn this technical information if you are so inclined, but more than that I simply desire to record all of this information in a single place, easily accessible, well-organized, accurate and thorough, so that those wishing to learn can do so efficiently and easily. It is also important to note that it is this knowledge, work, and research upon which the general articles are ultimately founded. I will tell you everything I know and all I learn along the way, so that we can understand together. I will also structure the technical articles in a progressive and organized fashion so that if you desire to progress more deeply into the technical side of a subject, the material is there if you need it, organized so that you can smoothly build upon what you know from whatever level you are at. I am literally starting right from the beginning, so this work will be accessible to people at any level. And in the case of the mathematics, I will cover exactly how it is used, what it is used for, and therefore why it is important. It is just more interesting that way, because it has real world relevance and meaning.

Categories and Tags

I use the same categories and tags for all of my work on this site for simplicity and organization. So if you are searching through the table of contents, categories, tags, or archives for something that interests you, if the title reads, for example:

Measurement of the Radius and Circumference of the Earth (Research :: Beginner)

The ‘Research’ in brackets denotes that this is as a technical article. And it will be followed by a further a classification of either beginner, intermediate, or advanced in order to denote the difficulty of the mathematics (or concepts) involved. For example (Research :: Beginner) or (Research :: Intermediate). Yet I will still write non-technical works to explain the meaning of the most important technical concepts anyways, so you do not even need to worry about reading those if you are not inclined. (Although some may interest you anyways!)

In the case of research articles dealing with history, they will not be classified as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. They will just be more dense and, perhaps, more boring to some people, as we will really be digging into the minutia. Especially the Reference Material category, which is not for reading and I do not expect it to interest anybody in and of itself! It is merely for my own convenience, and for the convenience of those whose own study finds this material relevant.

Follow Your Own Interest, Find Your Own Genius

On the one hand, much of this knowledge and information is important for everybody to understand. It is so fundamental to a true and accurate understanding of reality that it should make up the curriculum of our educational system from the very beginning (by the choice of the child/learner, not through force). But we are each one of us unique, harboring within us a uniquely diverse panoply of interests, talents and abilities, passions, inclinations, and ways of perceiving and thinking that in some inexplicable way partially defines who we are.

As such, we are all naturally inclined towards different subjects, styles of learning, and mediums of expression. I understand this better than most. Therefore I do not expect everyone to be inclined to study everything on this website. Nor do I think it is important to understand the minutia of historical knowledge, or the complexities of relativistic physics and maths if you are not inclined. This is the failing of our modern educational institution, which I will not repeat here. I do believe that there is a core of knowledge in all of these subjects for everyone, yet if you are not inclined to go further, then by all means do not! Einstein said that:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

We all need to cease judging ourselves by the standards of others, and by our inability to do things we are not inclined, or even interested, in doing! But take care not to avoid something for no other reason than you think you cannot do a thing, or because you believe something is too hard for you, or that you’re not good enough. Those are the thoughts of self-doubt and self-limitation, and before you decide you can’t do something, I would suggest to try it first. But only if you are genuinely interested in doing so. If not, ignore it without remorse.

I encourage you above anything else to find what you are passionate about, genuinely interested in, and where you’re genius lies. And in order to do so, disregard all that you are not good at or passionate about completely. Never force yourself to be something you are not.

For I guarantee that once you do begin to discover that individual spark of talent, creativity, and genius that is uniquely yours, you will find confidence and satisfaction in who you are. But more importantly, once you begin to discover and express yourself in that way which is perfectly natural, which is in alignment with and in resonance with the highest aspects of yourself, you will find unimaginable power and ability, with no limitation in sight. I can say this from experience, because when I graduated high school I was convinced I had no talents or abilities. Proof in my eyes of the failing of our societal system, because I humbly believe on this day that the opposite is true: that there is no limitation to what I can do and accomplish. And the same is true for you.

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