Usage Rights

As of February 22nd, 2018 all of the material on Project Global Awakening is protected under copyright law, and may not be reprinted or republished in part without attribution or in full under any circumstances. I also respectfully revoke any permission’s I gave in the past that allowed this work to be distributed freely. If you have already republished any of this work, do not worry about it. Just please refrain from doing so in the future.

This decision is temporary, born of a practical decision to keep all of this work in one single place in order to retain it’s originality as I build Project Global Awakening as the comprehensive single source of knowledge that I intend it to be. Moreover, the secondary reason behind this decision is because PGA is a work in progress, at an especially young stage at that. Therefore I do not want to propagate any errors that may exist due to the early stage of this work at present. There is still much refinement and development to be done, and I do not want anything to be republished into place and in forms where I do not have control over the information until I am more confident in its quality and state of completion.

With that being said, this work is free. It is freely given, and will always be so. Those words will mean a lot more once I have elevated Project Global Awakening to the level which I perceive it in my mind, which is an end I have been tirelessly cultivating the knowledge and skill towards for more than a decade.

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